The search tool that efficiently gives teachers the specific content they were looking for.

Edcompass is a metasearch engine and serves as solution to address the burden teachers have been facing since the beginning of the pandemic.

The overload of digital education resources: 

  • There is too much content for an individual selection process
  • Digital content does not align with local curricula objectives
  • Proper quality assessment is time-consuming

Edcompass is an intelligent search engine with human curation that analyzes a huge database of videos and only presents to teachers those with high quality content to ensure an efficient use of their time to prepare classes. Edcompass provides a hinge to schools and teachers using the local curriculum as a filter  to map & match content for each need.

Edcompass is designed to facilitate class preparation for teachers. Specifically, it: 

  • organizes the abundance of educational resources into a searchable structure.
  • saves time for teachers: teachers spend weekly up to eight hours going through content online looking for quality and topics matching their lessons. To address this situation, Edcompass takes search terms from the teachers and their curriculum, and filters the search results in order to only present the most relevant.
  • focuses on K12 video content: in this digital era, it has been shown by numerous studies that students tend to learn better through videos. There exists a plethora of videos online tutoring and explaining concepts. Edcompass gives the ability to teachers to harness this huge source of content with just a few clicks.
  • is strong in precision search: unlike many search engines who focus on videos’ descriptions and videos’ names, Edcompass deep dives into each video for a proper analysis to guarantee that its language is appropriate, relevant to the search, and that its content matches what the user is looking for.
  • considers the curriculum: taking into consideration the geographical location of the teacher, Edcompass selects the right curriculum when the teacher conducts a search. By using the custom search drop down menu, a teacher can target right down to the section of a specific topic that they are looking for and therefore greatly increase the quality of the search result.
  • will provide an API for LMS or others: to make Edcompass available to all teachers, an API is being developed for easy integration in LMSs. The API will provide access to all features of the Edcompass search engine through a search bar in the LMS.
  • will provide AI-assisted learning & teaching: taking things further, teachers will not only be provided with accurate search results, but they will also be given deep insight into students, their learning behavior, and learning patterns.
  • combines machine learning with human curation. Edcompass stands out from the competition by blending both human curation with machine learning to precurate data and make them readily available whenever needed. An expert team will review all content on suitability in terms of content and curriculum.
  • uses optimized UX: to bring a bit more color into the monotonous search world, Edcompass greatly innovates the search and results presentation providing a unique and comfortable space. Providing an attractive and user-friendly display of search results.

Edcompass is a metasearch engine and serves as solution to address the burden teachers have been facing since the beginning of the pandemic.

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