Redefining video discovery

Experience the evolution of video discovery with Edcompass, your specialized search platform for curated video content.

We provide a knowledge management tool that allows comprehensive insights into video data. Our robust search and curation tool, equipped with advanced filtering options, allows you to uncover the most relevant videos across a spectrum of topics and events. From in-depth training videos to panel discussions, we provide you with immediate access to a world of insights. Edcompass makes videos searchable, allowing users to find exactly what they’re looking for in an efficient and user-friendly manner.

Edcompass is not merely a search engine, it is a content curation tool which turns information into knowledge. Edcompass produces video intelligence. We know what is inside your video. Edcompass turns video into searchable content and thereby redefines video content discovery. It’s a video evaluation platform that creates a bridge to a personalized universe of video content, designed to meet the sophisticated demands of today’s digital explorers.

Our sophisticated content curation process leverages the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to transform the way video content is curated, consumed and created.

What is wrong with video search today?


Search within video is corrupted by advertising driven results and sophisticated SEO engines, favoring ad revenue over useful search results, leading users away from truly relevant content.

Discovery Challenge

Within the overwhelming content noise, for users it is increasingly difficult to discover „just right“ content. For content creators, content that isn’t easily findable isn’t an asset.

Quantity Over Quality

720,000 hours of video are uploaded to Youtube, everyday. Low-quality content proliferates. With current search methods, it is an overwhelming task of to find high-quality, trustworthy and relevant videos.

Time Consuming Assessment

If a user wants to understand and assess what is actually inside a video, this requires real time viewing and manual curation. Today‘s workforce spends ~30% of their time looking for information. Manually sifting through videos to assess their content is a time-consuming and unreliable process.


A lot of content is not trustworthy, and complex content problemssuch as age appropriate videos, indecent wording, racism and misinformation arenot properly addressed.

Insight at First Sight


Tired of outdated video search? Fed up with inefficient video search methodologies? Edcompass throws away the rulebook, offering a modern, user-focused approach that transforms chaotic searches into curated journeys. We go beyond simple search, understanding video content to deliver accurate, context-specific results.

Edcompass transforms the traditional video search process into a curated journey, ensuring every discovery is significant and purposeful. Edcompass enables video understanding which cuts through the clutter and delivers accurate and context specific search results and insights. We turn videos into searchable assets, which means better data enabling faster, better-informed business decisions.

A platform that not only makes videos searchable but also ensures the quality of the content giving everyone access to technology that makes it easy to find trustworthy content.

Search less, achieve more


Edcompass turns video assets into searchable content and thereby creates content intelligence, transforming data into insights.  As a content curation tool, our unique selling point is our automated curation algorithm, which delivers context specific search and insights from underlying information, including image recognition, metadata assessment, sound quality evaluation, and more. The resultis a curated selection of high-quality content that meets our rigorous standards:

  • It saves time (no more real time viewing needed) and gives user „just right“ search results
  • It reduces / removes noise and delivers high quality, personalised search results
  • It aligns to predefined filters and taxonomies
  • It replaces repetitive tasks of alignment and facilitates content mapping / tagging
  • It reduces human cognitive load and provides precise and reliable insights
  • It enables hyper-personalization of video content.


Conversational search, powered by AI and ML; the platform includes a chatbot powered by AI, enabling users to conduct conversational searches through natural language interaction and effortlessly locate videos that match their interests.

Content analysis includes an AI-driven evaluation of content relevance, audio pace, and speech quality scores; enables sentiment analysis, understands underlying concepts; includes image recognition, metadata assessment, sound quality evaluation

Content submission via API: users can submit video content to the platform, which the API can process and add to the user’s private collection. Submit your own content with our versatile API, enriching your personal library with YouTube videos and MP4 files that remain your exclusive digital assets.

Customizable filters which allow multi-dimensional searches within videos

Customizable filters which allow multi-dimensional searches within videos

Algorithm that enables combination of human curation with machine learning

Taxonomy structuring, alignment to standards, automated tagging to individual search criteria;

Enables automated analysis of large amounts of video assets against predefined criteria

User-friendly “setcard” interface: intuitive design, providing an easy navigation experience, which allows a seamless and efficient search experience

Automated metadata creation, with analysis of video level contextual data

Further detailed insights like: video summaries, transcripts, notable quotes, age appropriateness, readability, and additional reading materials

What makes Edcompass unique?

Personalized Learning Dialogue

Our conversational search engine goes beyond mere queries, engaging users in a dynamic learning dialogue that adapts to their needs.

Smart Content Curation

Leveraging advanced AI, we curate educational content with unmatched precision, elevating the quality and relevance of search results.

Intuitive User Experience

Our platform stands out with an intuitive interface, making the search for educational videos straightforward and efficient.

Innovative Educational Partner

EdCompass isn’t just a tool; it’s a partner in education, facilitating a seamless learning and teaching experience.

Future-Ready Technology

We continually evolve, integrating the latest in AI to offer state-of-the-art features that redefine educational search.

“Chat Your Way to Clarity with EdCompass”:

“Skip the search, start the conversation — EdCompass makes finding videos as easy as chatting over coffee.”

“Snapshot Genius: EdCompass’s SetCard UI”:

“Experience the clarity of knowledge at a glance — EdCompass’s SetCard UI, where insight meets design.”

“EdCompass API: Your Educational Maestro”:

“Craft the content cosmos — EdCompass API puts the power of curation in your hands.”

“EdCompass: The Precision Searchsmith”:

“Curate with confidence — EdCompass fine-tunes your educational hunt with laser-focused taxonomy.”

“Curation Coalition: EdCompass’s Human-AI Alliance”:

“Blend the best of both worlds — EdCompass’s hybrid curation, where human touch sparks AI’s potential.”

Edcompass puts AI to work within an architecture

Take the following challenges and attempt to do this with AI. Don’t worry, we’ll wait.

  1. Here is a library of a thousand unsorted videos. Please find out only the content that you are interested in.
  2. Can you find the best video for the level of understanding of each student? Oliver has a low reading level.
  3. Wait… which of these videos fulfills the NGSS curriculum requirements? We need 5 videos that pass the test. Please hurry.
  4.  You have to show a quick explainer of a concept at your next meeting and your career depends on it? Just use the top video on your YouTube search. Trust me.
  5. Oh sorry, I forgot to mention: many of the videos have misleading titles and descriptions as clickbait. So, make sure the videos are on point before sharing them to your team.
  6. What about those 400 video files you have on your computer? Are you ever going to put some structure to them so that we can find that video where your mother was talking about her favorite recipe?
  7. Could you share with me your library collection? I would like to see all these great videos you have been talking about
  8. No…I think you are right. We need to make sure all the videos in our database fulfill the new standards that were released just yesterday.
  9. Tom is in Jakarta right now and wants to make sure the videos he uses respects the local standards. Can you help him? It’s just a few hundred videos.
  10. Are you serious? It’s forbidden to say this word in this country? Plenty ofour training videos have them. Oh dang…which ones can we use then?

The industries we serve

We believe better knowledge discovery leads to more engagementand usage, and hereby also increases productivity. With this in mind, we serve industries with large amounts of video data and unresolved video content problems. We are video curation expertsand provide industry specific solutions for three industries:


K12, Higher Education, Corporate Training

User example: educators can craft the hyper personalisation of learning path with a tailor-made selection of educational videos aligned to personal learning needs, making teaching more impactful.


Publishers, platforms, aggregators, moderation platforms, archives & libraries.

User example: enables accelerated research for editors.


Marketeers, advertising agencies, rating companies, compliance companies, conference organisers.

User example: enables alignment of video content to advertiser needs.


“Hi, my name is Sarah. I use Edcompass to find and organize educational videos for myclassroom. It’s really neat because I get to tailor content to my curriculum and it saves metime on lesson planning.”
 “Hello, I’m Dave. I use Edcompass to access and review industry conference videos. It’sconvenient because I can search using natural language and it saves me the stress of siftingthrough irrelevant content.”
 “I’m Angela, a researcher. I use Edcompass to collect and annotate videos for my literaturereview. It’s efficient because I can upload my own videos and the AI helps me find relatedcontent, saving me hours of research.”
“My name is Mike, a corporate trainer. I use Edcompass to curate training materials for myteam. It’s advantageous because I can store all our resources in one place, saving us from thehassle of managing multiple platforms.”
 “I’m Julia, a lifelong learner. I use Edcompass to explore different subjects that interest me. It’swonderful because I can discover a variety of videos, follow my curiosity, and it saves methe effort of searching multiple platforms.”
“My name is Lucas. I use Edcompass to keep up with the latest tech talks and tutorials. It’seffective because I can pinpoint exact topics with the chatbot, and it saves me from theoverwhelm of information overload.”
 “I’m Ayesha, a professional speaker. I use Edcompass to study and analyze speeches and presentations. It’s really neat because I get to observe different speaking styles and it savesme time by having transcripts readily available.”
“Hi, I’m Tony, an event coordinator. I use Edcompass to archive our corporate event videos. It’sreliable because I can ensure all our content is in one accessible location, and it saves mestress when I need to retrieve specific presentations.”
“My name is Emily. I use Edcompass to curate a personalized learning path for my professional development. It’s handy because I get to build my own library of content and it saves memoney on expensive courses.”
“I’m Raj, a documentary filmmaker. I use Edcompass to research footage and interviews. It’sresourceful because I can upload my own clips for easy reference, and it saves me the hassleof juggling multiple storage devices.”
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